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SINYUANZM 2024 Annual Meeting and Recognition Ceremony

SINYUANZM held a tailgate banquet on the evening of January 26, 2024 at Hilton Hotel Beilun, the banquet invited the company‘s senior management and all the staff to attend. We sincerely thank them for their dedication and trust to SINYUANZM, and look forward to a better tomorrow and a brilliant future together in 2024.

At this unique moment, we reviewed the achievements of the past year together, looked forward to the future development, and celebrated our success together with the most enthusiastic attitude.




Check-in Highlights

Review of the company‘s development history and staff‘s New Year wishes




Read out the corporate culture


On this annual event, Manager Dai of the Personnel and Administration Department firstly interpreted the company‘s corporate culture and its importance, and led all the staff to read out the company‘s corporate culture.




Chairman‘s Message


The annual meeting was opened in a warm atmosphere. First of all, Chairman Qiu of the company delivered a speech, in which he expressed his thanks to all the staff for their hard work in the past year and also put forward new expectations and requirements for the new year. He encouraged everyone to continue to carry forward the spirit of unity, innovation and diligence in the new year, and to contribute to the development of the company.



annual citation

Today, we join together in this annual commendation meeting full of joy and honor. The past year was a year full of challenges and opportunities. Facing the changes in the market and the pressure of competition, we have worked together, overcome the obstacles and made one brilliant achievement after another. These achievements are inseparable from the hard work of every employee and teamwork spirit. Hereby, I would like to pay high respect to all the family members who have contributed to the development of Xingyuan!

The purpose of this commendation meeting is to honor those individuals and teams with outstanding performance in their work, so as to inspire everyone to continue to carry forward the fine tradition and create new achievements. We will evaluate based on performance, innovation, collaboration and other dimensions, and finally select this year‘s Best Newcomer Progress Award, Outstanding Employee Award, Improvement Proposal Pioneer Award, R & D Contribution Award, Best Project Award and other honorary awards.


Rookie of the Year Progress Award

Wang Hongping, executive vice president of the company, gave the newcomer progress award winners a certificate and cash red packet and took a group photo.


Outstanding Employee of the Year Award


Mr. Qiu Zhuoxiong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, presented certificates and cash envelopes to the winners of the Outstanding Employee of the Year and took a group photo with them.


Improvement Proposal Pioneer of the Year Award

Mr. Dai Jianhong, the manager of HR & Administration Department of the company, awarded certificates and cash envelopes to the winners of annual improvement proposals and took a group photo.


Annual R&D Contribution Award

Mr. Wang Hongping, Executive Vice President of the company, presented trophies and cash envelopes to the winners of the annual R&D contribution awards.



Project of the Year Award


Mr. Qiu Zhuoxiong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, presented trophies and cash envelopes to the Best Project of the Year Award and posed for a group photo.

Once again, congratulations to the award winners, and we hope you will continue to do your best! We hope that other family members will keep up the good work and hope that you will be the one standing on the stage next time!



The official start of the annual dinner


In the warm applause, Chairman Qiu walked to the stage with a big smile, raised his glass of wine, and said passionately: “Family, cheers! ” The annual dinner party officially kicked off!…


In the main special person‘s main special, Ningbo SINYUANZM Technology Co., Ltd. 2024 Recognition Ceremony Ceremony! Families, please continue to fill your cups with wine, and the 2024 SINYUANZM Chinese New Year Party will now begin!

All departments have taken time out of their busy schedules to prepare wonderful programs, and the company has also prepared exciting lucky draws for everyone, namely 60 lucky prizes, 12 third prizes, 8 second prizes, 3 first prizes, and one special prize. This is all what everyone is looking forward to, and 2 best creative programs, 2 best popularity programs, 2 best talent programs will be selected from the programs performed tonight and will be rewarded with corresponding red packets.


Annual Meeting Highlights



Group photo of lucky prize winners


Group photo of third prize winners


Group photo of second prize winners


Group photo of the first prize winners


Grand Prize Winner Photo


Group photo of winners of outstanding program performance



Creating a better future together



This annual dinner not only let us feel the care and concern of the company, but also let us know more about the future development plan of the company. In the coming days, we will work harder and contribute to the development of the company. We believe that under the leadership of the company, we will go to a new glory.


Tomorrow will be a better day.


Once again, we would like to thank our families

2023 we have experienced many challenges and difficulties together

2023 was also a year full of vitality and development

We were all able to support each other and overcome difficulties together

In 2024, we will ride the storm together and overcome the obstacles.

We will be able to ride the wind and waves, and sail far away from our dreams.

I believe that in the coming days

We will be invincible and gain new achievements.

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