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"Hand in Hand and Build Your Dreams Together" - Class of 2024 Entry Level Apprenticeships


College students are a kind of potential wealth of the society, but also the main force of the future development of the society; college students as a kind of continuous output talents, for the development of the whole society plays a great role. Xingyuan Zhuo magnesium for future development from 2022 onwards, every year for the colleges and universities to recruit fresh interns, to our company for internship employment.


Class of 2024 Entry Level Meet and Greet



On March 7, 2024, Xingyuan Zhuo magnesium ushered in the 2024 college students to our internship, and held a welcome meeting, in the welcome meeting, college students from various colleges and universities across the country introduced themselves and made a brief introduction of the future direction of development; Xingyuan Zhuo magnesium on the internship of college students in the meeting was also given a detailed introduction to them, and on the future of the career planning and training process. The future career planning and training process was elaborated one by one. College students have questions on the spot and also one by one to do the answer. Dai Jianhong, the manager of personnel and administration department of Xingyuan Zhuo magnesium, also expressed his high hope to all the college students here: he hoped that they could re-examine their future career planning through this internship, set goals, and strive hard towards their goals!



Group building activities



After the meeting, Xingyuan Zhuo magnesium and led this session of college students to carry out outdoor group building, which can help to promote the communication and interaction between them and strengthen their cohesion and sense of belonging; it can also help to establish a better personal relationship between them and enhance their understanding of each other; and before their upcoming internships, it can relax them. little stress before their upcoming internships.


concluding remarks
University study stage is a stage full of challenges and opportunities, through this stage of study, not only accumulated a wealth of knowledge, but also is the exercise of students in all aspects of the ability and skills. Graduation does not mean the end of study, but the beginning of another career. On the road ahead, you will encounter a variety of difficulties and challenges, but please believe that the knowledge and abilities you possess, as well as the way of thinking and outlook on life that you have cultivated during your college years, will help you overcome these difficulties and meet the challenges.


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