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Comprehensive Competence Enhancement and Communication and Collaboration for Managers

On November 25, 2023, SINYUSNZM conducted a training session on "Comprehensive Competence Enhancement and Communication and Collaboration for Managers", which was attended by all middle and senior managers of the company.


Before the training



Before the course started, Mr. Qiu Zhuoxiong, the chairman of the company, made a speech on the training, emphasizing the importance of communication and also had high expectations for the middle and senior managers who attended the training.

The course mainly focused on four aspects: role recognition, team communication, cross-departmental communication and conflict resolution.



At the beginning of the course, Mr. Jiang, the lecturer, reminded us with examples that managers should have a clear understanding of their roles, and that they need to carry out the instructions of the leaders and undertake the responsibilities of the department, organize and manage the team to give full play to the team's resources, and play a coordinating role among their peers. Mr. Jiang emphasized that the focus of a manager's work is to develop team members, which the participants agreed.



Training in progress


Team communication is an essential skill for workplace development, the goal of effective communication is to be heard, understood, accepted, and willing to change. In order to make communication achieve its purpose and ensure that communication is free of objections, Mr. Jiang proposed a five-step method of closed-loop communication: explaining the matter clearly, inviting the other party to repeat it, exploring the purpose of the matter, communicating contingency plans, and requesting the other party to put forward their personal insights. Only in this way can communication be effective and free of objections. At the same time, for people with different communication styles such as expressive, friendly, controlling and analyzing, Mr. Jiang also put forward the "Golden Rule" to deal with them, i.e., to communicate in a way that the other party prefers, to influence the other party without having to change the other party, and there is no such thing as the best, but only the most suitable.



As the training progressed, we learned the three major ways to work with peers, the key six steps of cross-departmental communication; the four principles of conflict resolution and the five major ways of conflict; and the three steps of effective conflict resolution.


At the end of the training

In order to deepen the impression of the knowledge points, each group sent representatives to share the knowledge points learned today with each other, and the trainees said that through what they had learned today, they had new thinking and inspiration on how to manage the team, how to communicate effectively and how to resolve conflicts.

With the end of the training, the groups with outstanding performance were selected and awarded with prizes.



We expect every manager to apply what they have learned today to their work, build more effective teams, and establish more efficient collaboration with all departments.

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