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Passion melts the team, cohesion accomplishes the dream

The day of the victory to seek the fragrance of Surabaya waterfront, boundless light a moment of new. Waiting to recognize the face of the east wind, a thousand purples and reds is always spring. In order to strengthen the staff communication and team cohesion, April 8, Ningbo Xingyuan Zhuo magnesium technology Co., Ltd. busy to take time out of the organization of a group building activities, the participants have functional departments and team leaders, the content of this activity for the barbecue and games, a total of more than one hundred people to participate. At about 8:30 in the morning, we rushed to the company, took the bus to the activity site, all the way to the laughter, just as the weather on the day of the sunny, the group building activities are very much looking forward to.

To the activity site we took a short break, the first activity - barbecue, each grill is bustling, all want to show their cooking skills, "ouch scorched" "quickly pour water on fire! ", there are a group of children to see the food are hungry, take the bowl around to ask the chicken wings are ready? Is the gluten ready? It’s very lively.








Everyone ate a good barbecue after a break began the second activity to do the game, through the draw into eight teams, in line with the principle of friendship first competition second, although we all say that the star source Zhuo magnesium a member of the team, but in order to their own team to win, each participant is fighting spirit, spared no effort to show their own energy. The first game is dribbling, each team according to the rules of the game to the end of the dribble, the process of the game laughs constantly, either foul or drop the ball, in the case of the same time the highest number of winners. The second game is the individual race in the team, to see who can hold on to the last, everyone in order to be able to grab the stool, make every effort, who is the winner until the last second to know. The third game was tug-of-war, which was mainly a test of strength and skill. Most of the women in the team were sighing, thinking that they had no advantage in terms of strength and would surely lose, like an eggplant beaten by frost, but once the game started, everyone was ambitious and passionate, and they would never give up until the last second, which brought the team spirit to the fullest play.







Since it is a competition, there will be winners and losers, and awards were given out after each game competition. Although the sweat was still fresh, everyone had a sweet smile on their face, talking about the scene during the competition just now.





Through this group building activities, colleagues have a better understanding of each other, but also the company’s business philosophy "beyond self, the pursuit of excellence." Embodied in the work in addition to team cohesion, but also have the wolf, not afraid of hard work, not afraid to go forward.

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