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With great power comes great responsibility.

December 19, just after lunch, accompanied by a siren a big truck into the factory parked in front of the company hall, and then see three or five people from the big truck box by box down to move something.

Out of curiosity, I went up to ask about it, it turned out to be the company from outside the purchase of a number of apples used to give everyone welfare. Knowing this news, I was immediately happy bad, because I love to eat apples, the supermarket is too expensive not to buy.



The distribution of apples began at around 1:00 p.m., with a large box for each person. When I received my apple, I couldn't wait to wash one, and then I took a big bite of it. It turned out that the Yanyuan apples in Daliangshan were crisp and sweet, and also had candy hearts!




Eating the sweet and crisp apples, I wanted to buy some to send back home, so I inquired about where the apples were purchased from, and finally learned that the apples were specially purchased by the company in order to alleviate poverty in the poor areas of the Daliang Mountains in Sichuan Province. I immediately felt that the company is so great, with love and warmth.

On December 20, after lunch, nibbling on the Daliangshan apples from the company hall passed by, saw a group of people in the hall loading something, so went over to ask, it turned out to be the company's emergency procurement of a batch of epidemic prevention gift packs to be distributed to employees to help employees to do a good job of personal protection against epidemics.


I looked at the gift bag and it was still very informative:there was a pack of masks, a bottle of sanitizer, a bottle of alcohol, a bottle of vc, and a couple of packs of alcohol wet wipes.


After receiving my own gift bag I immediately sprayed myself with alcohol from top to bottom for a thorough decontamination.



Through what I saw and heard in these two days, I have a brand-new understanding of the company, which is caring and considerate to its employees and has a great sense of social responsibility. When I think about it, the company is getting bigger and bigger, as the saying goes, "the bigger the capacity, the bigger the responsibility".

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