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Dingdong ...... Dingdong birthday wishes please check! -- Remembering SINYUSNZM

Happy Birday!



With the winter months far away, the gloom of the epidemic is gradually dissipating;

In this windy and sunny afternoon, the November birthday buddies celebrated their birthdays in the activity room on the 2nd floor;

The company prepared sumptuous food and exquisite birthday cake for the birthday girl!







There is nothing that can’t be solved by eating, and if there is, then eat more!

Say bye-bye to all your worries at this moment and enjoy your food to the fullest!






To the most, most lovely of you!

Good times are always short.

Our November birthday party has come to an end!

Although the birthday party is over, we still wish the birthday girls that in the days to come.

Sunshine in their eyes, openness in their smiles, candlelight in their birthdays, and the hearts of the gods at the end of the day.

Enjoy the brightness of life, and enjoy the intoxication of the years. Departure, departure, the unknown scenery is absolutely beautiful!

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