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Implanted business etiquette is in session!

In order to further shape the personal professional image of the company‘s functional staff, enhance the quality of internal communication and external customer reception, and improve the company‘s brand image, the Department of Personnel and Administration plans to carry out six online training courses on business etiquette in August and September.


On the afternoon of August 6, the first phase of the online training course on business etiquette started as scheduled in the company‘s multimedia training room. The course was recorded and broadcasted online, and the guest speaker was Ms. Lu Yao, an expert in etiquette speeches invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People‘s Republic of China.


The first course Ms. Lu talked about:

1, the two true meanings of etiquette: respect and appropriateness, emphasizing that etiquette is the catalyst for reaching a deal;

2, the secret of the division of labor between the left and right brain, the use of vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch the combination of the five senses of deep communication will improve the effectiveness of communication, contributing to the achievement of results; 3, analysis of the visual language, voice expression, text language in the process of communication and conversation in the role of the process of etiquette and etiquette in the process of interaction in the core of the heart - respect; 4, the micro-expression management, the process of face-to-face conversations, the vision in the "small triangle", "big triangle" area, "small triangle", "big triangle" area, "big triangle" area. Micro-expression management, the use of sight in the "small triangle" and "big triangle" areas during face-to-face conversations, the deeper meaning of hand gestures, and the significance of eyebrow locks, hand locks, and foot locks in different scenarios.

The second training will be held on Friday, August 12 in the company‘s multimedia training room, from the sitting posture in the interpretation of the aura, standing posture in the interpretation of the aura of two aspects. Please look forward to it!

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